Joomla eCommerce Extensions

eCommerce capability is one of the mentionable things in Joomla. One does not always have to choose Magento or WooCommerce to build a PHP language-based eCommerce portal. Several Joomla eCommerce extensions are famous by choice of the developers. We can discuss below three of those extensions, which are widely used by the Joomla developers to give the eCommerce capability to Joomla. While Joomla is more straightforward to code as a framework for the developers compared to Magento, these extensions make the work much more comfortable as those come with a lot of pre-installed features.


Let us look into the three most popular eCommerce extensions widely used in Joomla:


It is one of the pioneer eCommerce extensions in Joomla. It has won the heart of the Joomla developers over a decade, even though it has taken time to adapt to new technologies. There are several reasons behind it being popular – Open Source, Easy to Customise, Secured, comes with Clear Architecture, Stable interface, and Effective performance when the stability question arises. It provides easy access to the online shop, and the developer can do the customization at ease. VirtueMart comes with multi-lingual support, and hence, a multi-lingual eCommerce site, even multi-currency support, is entirely possible. Several payment options are also available now with VirtueMart. For SEO support, VirtueMart comes with Meta Tags. All eCommerce related problems get resolved with this simple extension. The main features of VirtueMart include the following:

  • It supports all Joomla versions and product support
  • Easy customization of the extension
  • Comes with multi-lingual support
  • Auto currency rate update support
  • Community support on 24*7 basis
  • SEO friendly with Meta Tags support
  • Several templates and layouts are available per category
  • Multiple payment gateways are available in this extension


It is also Open Source and first Digital Commerce extension for Joomla. Setting up a quick eCommerce portal along with Marketplace capability is more comfortable with this extension. It is lightweight and very much user-friendly. There are few inbuilt features in DigiCom, while add-on provisions are available. So, Joomla developers don't have to write bloated code to achieve a particular functionality or feature of eCommerce. It also comes with multiple payment gateway integration options, and it has a user-friendly file manager to create the online stores with drag & drop facility quickly. It has a beautiful & clean dashboard and inbuilt Sales Analytics, which are instrumental in an eCommerce portal. The main features of DigiCom include these below:

  • Single and Bundled selling option
  • Drag & Drop based File Manager
  • Reporting tool is comprehensive and very powerful
  • It has high extensibility
  • It integrates popular payment gateways
  • The orders are managed with a single click and real smartly
  • The checkout option is seamless
  • It comes with advanced access control
  • For handling promotions and discounts, this extension is very much handy
  • Order management is very much more comfortable with this extension



It is one of the leading eCommerce extensions in Joomla. It comes with an eCommerce and shopping cart options that are feature-rich and user-friendly. In September 2012, this eCommerce extension was first evolved. With ongoing advancements, this extension has been improved to a great extent, and the features are much more advanced today. eCommerce sites with tangible products are preferred to build with this extension. Building complex digital stores is easy with this extension. If one needs to have a feature-rich and intuitive Admin interface with complete control on the Sales Analytics,

Reporting, this extension is a great choice. The main features of DigiCom include these below:

  • Categories are unlimited and nested
  • There are 50+ payment gateways
  • It comes with responsive design
  • SEO optimized and came with Meta Tags
  • Sales Reporting has been advanced
  • Custom Order status is available
  • There is a one-page checkout option available
  • Unlimited products, manufacturers, domain installations and support are available in this extension
  • It comes with multi-store, language, and currency support
  • Product reviews and ratings are available in this extension

There are subscription options available for using these extensions. Due to Joomla being popular these days amongst the web developers, the community support for those above extensions is getting stronger. So during an eCommerce portal development, the developer can get ready access to the community materials, codebase, samples, know-how, and video tutorials. Further read about, pros and cons of Joomla over WordPress.